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As a twenty-five year old community development corporation, HomeSight has a strong and successful track record of developing sustainable community organizations and supporting the vision of their community’s future. Community Building and Organizing is a key component to HomeSight’s mission of Promoting social and economic equity to preserve and enhance economically and culturally diverse communities through affordable homeownership, business development, and community advocacy. Our goal is to ensure that existing residents and local business owners in Southeast Seattle benefit financially from investment, grow their equity interest, and grow their political voice in the community.

To achieve this goal we are working to increase capacity of community organizations and foster development of neighborhood leaders so they can effectively participate in shaping their communities. In addition, HomeSight supports efforts to improve the safety and attractiveness of the community. In the past these communities have been underrepresented and received less investment than other Seattle communities. HomeSight is supporting these groups with the goal of increasing their visibility and their collective voice.

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Summary of Accomplishments of the last three years:

  • Supporting the development of 7 community organizations
  • Facilitating 4 beautification & infrastructure improvement projects
  • Managing the development of 3 cultural centers
  • Cultivating 20 new community leaders
  • Supporting 4 local business associations
  • Organizing groups to advocate for resources & to have a voice in neighborhood planning
  • Building capacity for neighborhood organizations to implement more than 30 community-building activities such as neighborhood clean-ups and concerts in the park

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