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Community Safety Initiative

As a community based organization, HomeSight continuously works on improving the livability and vitality of its focus neighborhoods by partnering with local business owners and other community-based groups and organizations to sponsor community safety initiatives, support neighborhood events, build community leadership capacity and economic capacity.

HomeSight promotes community safety and crime prevention in order to foster the livability of urban neighborhoods as well as protect its community development investments. We operate the Community Safety Initiative (CSI) in conjunction with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (New York), the Seattle Police Department’s South Precinct, community residents and business owners.

In troubled neighborhoods, improving public safety must be a key part of any plan for revitalization. Crime is important to consider not only because of the real danger it can pose to neighborhood residents, but also because the fear it generates deters investment by businesses and property owners. Even perceptions that a neighborhood is unsafe can drive down property values, reduce customer traffic on a commercial strip, and otherwise reduce quality of life. As a result, addressing public safety and community development goals simultaneously is crucial for sustainable revitalization.

Beautification Project Partnership

HomeSight CSI and Southeast Seattle’s Community Police Team (CPT) supported the creation of a community-based safety organization, the Rainier Othello Safety Association (ROSA). Together, these three organizations are partners in a strategic effort to increase real and perceived neighborhood safety and reduce crime through revitalization activities and community building.

The project incorporates enhancements that integrate people- and place- based strategies that physically improve the neighborhood while simultaneously empowering community members and strengthening their social networks.

The program employs three enhancement strategies:
1) promote infrastructure repair
2) encourage regular litter removal
3) support artistic enhancement.

By promoting infrastructure repair for example, the CSI program addresses problems with neighborhood streets and sidewalks that require attention by municipal agencies. In particular, this strategy has been aimed at repairing sidewalks, installing curbs, and reconfiguring bus shelters. Furthermore, organized quarterly litter removal provides a constant reminder that people care for the neighborhood, in spite of others’ negligence. And artistic enhancements, like decorative banners and an attractive kiosk, make great accessories and contribute to the neighborhood’s unique character.

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