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HomeSight believes homeownership is one of the best investments you can make in your future.

Owning your home gives you the freedom to create a living environment that suits you, provides stability and offers a sense of place. Homeownership also allows you to build equity and financial security over time for you and your family. But we know that buying your first home can be challenging. That’s why HomeSight is committed to creating affordable homeownership opportunities for first-time buyers.

HomeSight offers a comprehensive homebuyer education and financial counseling program designed to help families navigate the homebuying process. Our homebuyer education curriculum is combined with one-on-one financial counseling in which buyers and counselors develop individualized budgets and action plans. Our classes cover the homebuying process, financial basics, home financing, mortgage default prevention, and home maintenance. Our financial counseling program can help you prepare financially for owning a home, working through any credit or savings issues that you may have.

In addition, HomeSight provides mortgage brokerage services to any family in the Puget Sound area. We can work with you to get your first mortgage, refinance your current home, and we even provide Purchase Assistance for families who qualify.

Get started today by signing up for one of HomeSight’s Basics of Homeownership Class near you.

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