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Homeownership provides the foundation for generational wealth, resilient families, and thriving neighborhoods. By investing in HomeSight, you are not only supporting award-winning financial counseling and community development programs, but you are also laying the foundation for an equitable future by directly addressing the areas where institutional racism has been most impactful.

Your support allows HomeSight to create new homes, lead real estate development initiatives, topple individual and systemic barriers to homeownership, and build strong, vibrant Washington communities.

Homeownership is in crisis in Washington state, and we can no longer afford to ignore it.

Thank you for your generosity and support.

The need for affordable housing and equitable homeownership lending is more acute in Washington now than ever before. The median cost of a home in Washington is 61% higher than that of the rest of the country. In only three of Washington’s 39 counties could a household earning 70% of the annual median income afford a starter home. Pressures such as increasing interest rates, home values outpacing wages, and rapidly rising rents hinder the ability of households to build savings. As a direct result, the homeownership prospects of low- and middle-income members of BIPOC communities continue to dwindle at an alarming, worsening rate.

This is where HomeSight’s lending and real estate development programs have their largest impact. By providing alternatives to profit-driven, commercial pathways to homeownership, HomeSight can ensure low-and-medium-income households, particularly BIPOC households, have opportunities to experience the economic stability homeownership provides.

The benefits of homeownership extend far beyond transforming the lives of individual families. High homeownership rates are associated with better schools, stronger communities and even better outcomes for kids’ success later in life. Our communities and our future depend on our investment in equitable housing today.

We will honor your investment in our work by continuing to create innovative, equitable, and just economic opportunities that place the dream of homeownership within reach, particularly for those who have been historically denied the opportunity to stake their own claim in an economically secure future.

We will keep you updated on your gift’s impact. In the meantime, we invite you to take our classes, join our community events, and allow us to show you in person the difference your investment is making in the lives of our clients and community.

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