My Journey Home

This month, we are honored to share our clients’ stories about finding home.

Norma (and Max)

Year after year, Norma’s rent rose, and year after year, she would find herself packing up and moving her family — which includes three children and a Husky. Her kids hated moving, which often meant changing schools and having to make new friends. Although Norma searched and saved for years, a place to plant roots and call home remained out of reach.

After working with HomeSight’s HUD-certified counselors and finding she qualified for financial assistance through HomeSight’s Sam Smith “Hi Neighbor” Homeownership Fund, Norma found the house for which she’d prayed. Norma told HomeSight she specifically prayed for a house with a fence, so her kids could keep their beloved dog, Max.

“Max is happy here too,” said Norma. “”He is free outside. He has his own space.”

Watch Norma’s story on HomeSight’s YouTube channel here.


James, a teacher and lifelong resident of Washington, found renting in Seattle “really, really expensive.” Tired of rising rents in Columbia City, he sought the financial stability of homeownership. The funding options offered by HomeSight made his family’s “homeowning dream come true.” He and his wife, son and dog are “really happy to own a home now.”

Watch James’ story on HomeSight’s YouTube channel here.


Hkun’s son gave HomeSight a tour of their home in their video testimonial. Hkun told us finding affordable rental housing for his family was a never-ending source of worry, and that HomeSight helped that worry end.

Watch Hkun’s story on HomeSight’s YouTube channel here.

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