This June, for National Homeownership Month, HomeSight celebrates the Joy of Homeownership.

Homeownership brings security and a place for families to plant roots and grow. It also presents new responsibilities. We hope the following series of posts will help our new homeowners unlock the door to all the advantages and joys homeowning can provide.

Congratulations to all our HomeSight homeowners!
Fathers Day Tools

Father’s Day Tools for the New Homeowner Dad in Your Life

For dad’s first Father’s Day as a homeowner, start with the basics.

Buying a home means security, stability, financial growth— and never having to buy your dad a tie for Father’s Day again.

If the father figure in your life is also a new homeowner, tools are the new ties. Tools aren’t just useful for house projects, however, they can enable family fun as well. HomeSight recommends the following tools for the new homeowner dad, starting with the most practical and ending with the most entertaining.

Essential Tools

Every homeowner needs a good, basic toolkit. For dad’s first Father’s Day as a homeowner, fill his toolbox with the basics he may not have yet:

    • A hammer. Versatile and essential, a good hammer should have a comfortable grip, a sturdy head, and a claw end for pulling nails.
    • A screwdriver set. A basic set should include flat-head and Phillips-head screwdrivers in various sizes, as well as specialty ones like Torx or hex keys. You can also get a multi-bit screwdriver that has interchangeable bits.
    • A tape measure. Hanging pictures, buying furniture, or planning a renovation requires a tape measure. Look for one that has a locking mechanism and a metal blade that can bend around corners.
    • A level. Don’t let dad hang crooked shelves, frames, or cabinets. A traditional, low-tech level has a liquid-filled tube with an air bubble inside. A digital level uses sensors and displays the angle on a screen.
    • A utility knife designed to cut through materials like cardboard, plastic, wood, and metal. A good utility knife should have a retractable blade that can be locked in place, and a comfortable handle that offers a good grip.
    • A saw with a comfortable grip.
    • A pliers set. Pliers grip, twist, bend, or cut objects. A basic set should include needle-nose pliers for reaching into tight spaces, slip-joint pliers for adjusting the jaw width, and wire-cutting pliers for cutting wires or nails.
    • A wrench set. Wrenches tighten or loosen nuts and bolts, and are useful for plumbing, automotive, or furniture projects. A basic wrench set should include adjustable wrenches that can fit different sizes of nuts and bolts, and combination wrenches that have both open-end and box-end sides for more versatility.

Power Tools

If dad is equipped with essential hand tools, you might want to venture into building his power tool library with:

    • A drill and drill bits. Power tools make tasks like hanging curtains, installing shelves, or mounting TVs fast and easy. A drill should have variable speed settings, a reversible function, and a keyless chuck for easy bit changes. You should have a set of drill bits that can handle different materials and diameters.
    • An electric saw and blades. A good power saw should have variable speed settings, a safety switch, and an ergonomic handle. You should have a set of saw blades that can handle different materials and thicknesses.
    • A power washer. This machine turns your garden hose into a powerful, precision cleaning machine. And it might make him the most sought-after neighbor on the block.
    • An electric hedge trimmer or lawnmower.
“We got my husband a power washer when we bought our house. He is obsessed with it and so are the neighbors, who often ask to use it. He is the guy with the power washer now. It’s like we crowned him king of the neighborhood.”
- Erica, HomeSight Communications & Marketing

tools for play

Homeownership isn’t “all work and no play.” If dad has just begun to enjoy his first backyard, there are tools that can help families enjoy their new space. Consider a tool that allows dad to relax and reconnect:

    • A grill or a fire pit could be the perfect gift for dads who like to hang out with the family or entertain outdoors.
    • There are now meat thermometers you can use via Bluetooth from your phone.
    • A rechargeable mosquito-zapper could make any outdoor space less itchy.

And finally, a “tool” for relaxation, after all the hard work dad has put toward creating and enjoying the new home:

    • A hammock, and a few uninterrupted hours to allow dad to use it to the fullest.
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