June is National Homeownership Month …

… and HomeSight is working to put the joy of homeownership—and the keys to a financially stable future—within reach. 

HomeSight’s wish for National Homeownership Month? We want more Washington residents own their piece of the American Dream.

HomeSight’s U-lex (pronounced OH-lew) housing co-op will soon offer 68 equity-building opportunities in South Seattle’s Othello Neighborhood. U-lex’s affordable housing units, located just one block from the Othello Light Rail station, aim to prevent displacement in this diverse south Seattle community.

U-lex means “gather” in Lushootseed, the language spoken by the Coast Salish people who originally lived on this land. Situated at Martin Luther King Jr. Way and South Holly Park Drive, U-lex units will be affordable to families earning 80 percent or less of the area median income at the time of purchase.

This past weekend, nearly 50 people attended HomeSight’s information session at the New Holly Gathering Hall to learn more. HomeSight is planning another information session for the community next month as well.

“So many people feel shut out of the housing market in Seattle,” said Uche Okezie, HomeSight’s Director of Real Estate Development. “We want residents to know they can control their own destiny. They can build equity here. They can build wealth. We just have to give people the opportunity.”

This June, Celebrate “Safety,” “Security,” and “An Opportunity to Build Generational Wealth”

Last year, HomeSight partnered with Windermere Real Estate, U.S. Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Zillow, and the National Association of Real Estate Brokers to create the Sam Smith “Hi Neighbor” Homeownership Fund, a loan product to increase purchasing power and bridge the affordability gap facing qualified Black homebuyers.

This initiative was inspired by legendary Washington state legislator and Seattle City Council President Sam Smith, whose perseverance in passing the state’s Open Housing Law in 1967 resulted in a major, hard-won civil rights victory, ensuring that all people, regardless of race or religion, could live wherever they pleased. (The fund’s name also gives a nod to Smith’s congenial personality.)

This National Homeownership Month, HomeSight asked its Sam Smith recipients:

What does homeownership mean to you?

They told us it’s:

  • “a place to call home”
  • “we can access the benefits of equity”
  • “an achievement”
  • “peace of mind”
  • “safety”
  • “a chance to create generational wealth”
  • “security”
  • “stability”
  • “options for the future”
  • “a place to spread out and relax”
  • “a dream come true”

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You know you’re a new Pacific Northwest homeowner when …

… you hope those weird noises coming from the attic are ghosts and not something you have to fix. (HomeSight’s easy home maintenance checklist, Home Maintenance 101, can help you prevent unpleasant surprises and unidentified noises all over your home.)

… you spend your Saturdays at native plant sales. (Read our guide to gardening with native plants!)

… you get tools instead of ties for Father’s Day. (Did you get the homeowning father figure in your life tools for Father’s Day? He’ll need them!)

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